As a professional makeup artist, Emma used to help women improve their self-esteem by ‘masking’ their imperfections. She was shamed for doing the same because she also suffered from imperfections. While makeup is a great thing, Emma thinks it should not only be used to hide flaws but to showcase natural beauty and features. So her new goal was to help women build confidence by improving their skin’s health. She then embarked on new certifications and expert training to become a skin treatment expert. She wanted to focus on ethnic skin because there was a large shortage of specialists and a significant gap in skin knowledge in the community.


Her continuous goal was to help members of the community by providing them with the best treatments and services to help treat their imperfections as well as by educating them on how to maintain their skin to optimize on results.

Emma also noticed that there was a huge lack of skin specialist educators within the black community,

With this in mind, she then decided to create Swen Privee Academy with the goal to educate other professionals on top techniques and strategies to continuously improve the skin of their own clients and in turn spread awareness and knowledge.

As much as Emma was passionate about makeup, she has now found a new passion : Skin Care. Being able to impact the lives of hundreds of people has been her biggest accomplishment. She has been recognized as one of the leaders in the community and has been able to spread awareness and educate others on how to maintain their healthy skin, which has been her biggest dream come true !