Microneedling training

Introduction formation Microneedling

Company History Our founder, Emmanuella-Darline Forges, created Swen Privée Académie in 2020. Before offering training services and venturing into the world of medical aesthetics, where she then created Swen Privée , Emmanuella has successfully founded several companies in the beauty sector. Whether it's facials or body contouring solutions, she has always strived to provide clients with solutions to improve their self-confidence. Swen Privée was immediately successful upon inception and has had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients since its inception. Since this is an industry with ever-increasing needs and opportunities, we decided it would be ideal to offer training services to growing technicians and give them the opportunity to in turn help other people in need.

Swen Privée Académie plans to continue to provide services by training future technicians on a wide range of medical and aesthetic services in order to provide employment opportunities in the sector. Our continued success is due to our quality management system and procedures, as well as maintaining our reputation for high standards of service to our customers. Vision Swen Privée Académie makes a vital and permanent contribution to apprentices by offering them the possibility of accessing quality training. Mission The mission of Swen Privée Académie is to provide safe and effective training and management sessions to apprentices.

Swen Privée aims to give its students the best knowledge of new technologies in aesthetics. This unique and effective microneedling (micro-needling) training will allow you to perfect your versatility in terms of skin treatments and care. We are confident that this training will also allow you to increase your income.

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