Swen Privee is a medical aesthetic clinic that helps you regain your confidence. Through facial and body contouring treatments, you can look your best and reach your full potential. With professionals who are trained to provide the best services, we make you love yourself. Be comfortable in your skin with the up-to-date technology used by Swen Privee. As a company, we believe that aesthetic procedures can only work if they are personalized to your needs. Consult with an expert today, have services tailored and designed to meet your goals, and upgrade yourself to the best possible version. Say goodbye to filters, because the real you will be much better with facial and body contouring treatments.


As a professional makeup artist, Emma used to help women improve their self-esteem by ‘masking’ their imperfections. She was shamed for doing the same because she also suffered from imperfections. While makeup is a great thing, Emma thinks it should not only be used to hide flaws but to showcase natural beauty and features. So her new goal was to help women build confidence by improving their skin’s health. She then embarked on new certifications and expert training to become a skin treatment expert. She wanted to focus on ethnic skin because there was a large shortage of specialists and a significant gap in skin knowledge in the community.

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